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Wordbound Week 24

This week’s Wordbound prompt is:   What if you knew everything except the answer you’re looking for in a single moment?  I started another short story.

An Excerpt

“Anna, what do we do?” Chloe asked.

She could barely hear her.  She didn’t know what to say.  All Anna could do was stare at the body sprawled on the ground three stories below the balcony.  She watched as the blood pooled around him.  Anna knew that Chloe didn’t mean to kill him.  She was only defending herself and everyone else at the party.  But she also knew that there was no way the police would believe their story because, Jeff, the man who just tumbled off her friend’s balcony, was one of their own.

Anna knew a lot.  It was a gift she’d had since she was a child, although some would call it a curse.  She retained every bit of information she heard, from the names of her cousin’s friend’s girlfriend she met once at a wedding to the average temperature on Pluto.  She often tried to hide it because a lot of people found it irritating that she knew so much.  Surely, with all that knowledge, Anna would know what to do in this situation.  But standing on that balcony, she had no idea.

Anna and Jeff had a disastrous history as a couple.  She’d broken up with him two years ago, but he wouldn’t leave her alone.  And, of course, every time she tried to file a complaint with the police, he was right there with his version of what had happened that made her seem like a crazy, obsessive nightmare.  She was almost free.  She and her soon-to-be husband were looking for jobs out of state and planning to move as soon as possible after the wedding.  Apparently it wasn’t soon enough.

This wasn’t Chloe’s fault.  Jeff had crashed the party.  Jeff had refused to leave.  And Jeff had grabbed Chloe, causing the struggle that lead to him falling off the balcony.  If they called the police, they would never believe that it was an accident.  They would probably think that Anna killed him and Chloe was just covering for her.  Even with the dozen women who witnessed it on their side, Anna wasn’t sure they should risk it.

“Anna?  What do we do?” Chloe repeated, “Should we call the police?”

“No,” Anna said, taking Chloe’s hand, “Follow me.”

Using all the knowledge she possessed, it shouldn’t be that hard to cover up one accidental death.

Writing Goal Updates

June is officially over and we’re halfway through the year.  I’ve written over 50,000 words, which is probably the most I’ve ever written in that amount of time, outside of NaNoWriMo.  It all needs a lot of work, but I finally sat down and actually wrote it out, which feels amazing.

It wasn’t the most productive month of the year, but I finally started working on the next draft of my story. I’ve finished a couple short chapters, although they’re mostly backstory that will probably end up as flashbacks, but I wanted to write them first before I moved deeper into the actual plot of the story.

I also think I know what I want to work on during NaNoWriMo.  It’s months away, so it’s entirely possible I’ll change my mind by then, but I’m pretty sure about it.  It’s a very personal project, and I think the time crunch will help me not to overthink while writing it.



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