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Wordbound Week 18

This week’s Wordbound prompt was: What are your favorite writing craft books?  I haven’t read any that I can remember, but I’m looking forward to finding some recommendations from this.  I was just going to skip this week, but I made it a goal before I discovered wordbound at the beginning of the year to make a blog post every week, and I still have writing to share.  And I think it will be nice to look back at these posts at the end of the year and see how my writing went.

An Excerpt

“I believe him,” Izzie said.

“Really?” Caleb said, “Because I think he was completely full of shit.”

“And why’s that?” Izzie said.

“Come on,” Caleb said, “Some mystery boyfriend that no one’s seen?  He’s just trying to distract us.”

“Or maybe that mystery boyfriend is out there somewhere and he’s responsible for whatever happened to Jenna,” Izzie said, “I’ve found no evidence that Aiden and Jenna have been in contact since they broke up, so why would he just show up at her place out of the blue after all this time unless he had something important to tell her?”

“Just because there isn’t evidence that they were in contact, doesn’t mean they haven’t been in touch,” Caleb said, “And he’s clearly lying.”

Writing Goal Updates

I wrote more this week than I wrote in the entire month of April and finished four chapters of my project.  I’m over halfway done with the first draft.  I’m hoping to finish it this month, then I’ll have a lot of outlining and planning to do before starting a second draft.  It was definitely a good writing week and actually getting back into writing this story has me more motivated to keep going.


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