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Wordbound Week 21

This week’s Wordbound prompt was:  “It’s time to leave.  And there’s no coming back.”  I continued the short story I’ve been working on.

An Excerpt

“What are you doing?” her mother asked when she saw the sword.

“Ending this,” Meredith said, brushing past them toward the stairs.

Clarissa stopped her at the front door.

“Meredith, you can’t do this,” she said, “You’re not ready.  He’s too strong.  There’s a reason none of the others have defeated him.”

“Which is why I’ve trained harder than any of the others.  If I’m not ready now, I’m not going to be.  So I can sit here and wait for him to find me and let him keeping hurting other people, or I can take the fight to him.  I’m tired of waiting,” Meredith said.

She opened the door and left her mother and sister behind.  The streets were empty.  Everyone knew better than to be out this late while he was still out there.  She walked down the deserted street until, suddenly, a man appeared a few yards away.

“So, you’re the one?” he said, “The people of this town really need to choose their champions more carefully.  You really think you can defeat me?”

“I can,” she said, feigning confidence, “I know I can.”

“You won’t,” he said, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“It’s time for you to leave.  And there’s no coming back,” she said, “Not this time.”

“We’ll see,” he said.  He drew his sword and walked toward her.

Writing Goal Updates

I didn’t get much writing done this week, but I got a bit of outlining done.  The project I’m working on involves several intertwining stories.  In the first draft, I wrote them separately , so, before starting a new draft, I need to figure out exactly how they all fit together.  I’m hoping to finish the outlining next week and get started on the next draft.  I didn’t have as much time to work on it this week as I was a bit busier than usual, but now I finally have an actual desk to work at, so that might help me stay organized and get more writing done.

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Wordbound Week 20

This week’s Wordbound prompt was: Subtly mention something strange on a mantel.  I continued the short story I started last week.

An Excerpt

Meredith’s mother, Clarissa, followed her up the stairs and knocked on her door.

“Meredith, please come out here,” she said.

She didn’t answer and just sat down on the floor and picked up a slice of pizza.  Her mother continued knocking on the door until Amy walked up to her and handed her the pencil.

“Amy,” she said with a groan.

“What?” Amy said, “It was just a joke.  She’s so uptight.  Don’t you think she’s overreacting a little?”

“You know she’s been under a lot of stress lately,” Clarissa said.  Amy rolled her eyes.

“She’s fine,” Amy said.

“Amy, you know she’s not fine,” Clarissa said, “She’s had a lot of responsibility placed on her shoulders.”

“Nothing’s actually changed though,” Amy said, “She hasn’t done anything differently since she found out.  Everything’s the same.”

“But it won’t be much longer,” Clarissa said, “You know what’s coming.”

Meredith could hear everything they were saying.  She knew she had taken this a bit too far.  It was just a missing pencil, after all.  But she already felt like things were slipping out of her control and it had been the last straw.  It had been a week since her life had completely changed and she’d been trying to keep everything as normal as possible for as long as she could.

She sat on the floor eating her pizza and pretending everything was okay.  But she felt like someone was staring at her and it was unsettling.  She stood up and slowly walked toward the fireplace.  She traced her fingers along the shining silver of the blade resting on the mantelpiece.  The sword belonged to her now.  Her gaze drifted to the skull sitting by the hilt of the sword.  Over the past week, she’d felt it staring at her, willing her to pick up the sword.

She didn’t want to deal with it.  She didn’t want to face what she had to do.  But she couldn’t avoid it anymore.  She picked up the sword.  It was time to fight.

Writing Goal Updates

This week I finished a very rough draft of my project.  It needs a lot of work, but it feels good to finish something.  I did a lot of writing this week in a push to finish it, but I’m not sure how much writing I’ll be doing this week.  I want to work on some outlining before working on a second draft.  I’m debating between jumping straight into another draft of this project or working on something else first, but I think I want to keep going with this story.

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Wordbound Week 19

This week’s Wordbound prompt was: Make a character overreact to something. I used it to start a new short story.

An Excerpt

Meredith got home from school and went directly to her bedroom to get started on her homework.  She neatly stacked all of her books and notebooks on her desk in the order she would need them.  She propped up her first book, opened a notebook, and reached for her favorite pencil.  Pink and sparkly with a fluffy pom-pom on the end.  But it wasn’t there.

She searched the whole desk, then the whole room.  Then she went downstairs, but it wasn’t on the dining room table, the only other place she does her homework.  But she still couldn’t find it.  Her mother came in with a pizza for dinner, walked into the kitchen, and saw Meredith standing there.  Her younger sister, Amy, was following right behind her.

“Where is it?” Meredith asked.

“Where’s what?” Amy said.

“My pencil,” Meredith said, “The pink one.  Where is it?”

“How would I know?” Amy said.

“You know,” Meredith insisted, “Every time I haven’t been able to find something, you have it.  What did you do with it?”

“Meredith, I’m sure your sister doesn’t have it,” their mother said, “You must have misplaced it.”

“I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find it,” Meredith said, “She has it.”

Amy stood beside their mother, blankly staring at Meredith.  She could tell that, as usual, their mother was going to take Amy’s side.  Meredith had had enough.

“NO,” Meredith yelled, “Not this time.  You aren’t going to just take her side and make me feel like I’m crazy.  I’m not crazy.”

“Meredith,” her mother cautioned.

She marched over to her mother and took the pizza from her, then ran up the stairs with it.

“What are you doing?” her mother yelled after her.

“No one gets this pizza until I have my pencil,” Meredith yelled over her shoulder before slamming her bedroom door behind her.

Writing Goal Updates

I didn’t write as much this week as last week, but it was still a good writing week.  I finished two chapters of my project and started a third.  I want to finish the first draft of this story in the next couple of weeks, and it should be possible if I keep going at the rate I have been.

Wordbound · Writing

Wordbound Week 18

This week’s Wordbound prompt was: What are your favorite writing craft books?  I haven’t read any that I can remember, but I’m looking forward to finding some recommendations from this.  I was just going to skip this week, but I made it a goal before I discovered wordbound at the beginning of the year to make a blog post every week, and I still have writing to share.  And I think it will be nice to look back at these posts at the end of the year and see how my writing went.

An Excerpt

“I believe him,” Izzie said.

“Really?” Caleb said, “Because I think he was completely full of shit.”

“And why’s that?” Izzie said.

“Come on,” Caleb said, “Some mystery boyfriend that no one’s seen?  He’s just trying to distract us.”

“Or maybe that mystery boyfriend is out there somewhere and he’s responsible for whatever happened to Jenna,” Izzie said, “I’ve found no evidence that Aiden and Jenna have been in contact since they broke up, so why would he just show up at her place out of the blue after all this time unless he had something important to tell her?”

“Just because there isn’t evidence that they were in contact, doesn’t mean they haven’t been in touch,” Caleb said, “And he’s clearly lying.”

Writing Goal Updates

I wrote more this week than I wrote in the entire month of April and finished four chapters of my project.  I’m over halfway done with the first draft.  I’m hoping to finish it this month, then I’ll have a lot of outlining and planning to do before starting a second draft.  It was definitely a good writing week and actually getting back into writing this story has me more motivated to keep going.