Wordbound · Writing

Wordbound Week 17

This week’s Wordbound prompt was: “She turned away and walked back toward the house.”  I continued the short story I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks.

An Excerpt

“So, Aiden,” Izzie said, “We heard you went to see Jenna a couple days before she disappeared.”

“Yeah, I did,” he said.

“And you had a fight?” Caleb asked.

“Yeah, we did,” Aiden said.

“And you never thought to mention this to the police?” Izzie said.

“So they could make me a suspect?” Aiden said, “That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?  You think I had something to do with whatever happened to her?”

“Maybe,” Izzie said, “Did you?”

“No,” he answered, “Absolutely not.”

“So what were you fighting about?” Caleb asked.

“I was trying to warn her,” he said.

“Warn her about what?” Izzie asked.

“This woman I know told me she saw Jenna with her new boyfriend and she recognized him.  She said he was dangerous.  I tried to tell Jenna, but she didn’t want to hear it,” Aiden explained.

“Do you know who this new boyfriend is?” Izzie asked.

“No,” Aiden said, “I never saw him.”

“And how do we know that’s what really happened?” Caleb said, “Maybe you were jealous of this new boyfriend.  Maybe that’s why you were fighting.”

“Look,” Aiden said, “I went there to warn Jenna and she ignored me.  She turned away and walked back toward the house.  That was the last time I saw her.”

Writing Goal Updates

I did a bit more writing this week than I have been.  I did a lot of outlining, and actually worked on the next chapter of my project. I’ve been feeling more motivated in general, so next week should be a good writing week.


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