Wordbound · Writing

Wordbound Week 15

This week’s Wordbound prompt was: Include something that must be whispered.  I decided to start another short story with this prompt.

An Excerpt

“You said Jenna looked scared when she was in your office,” Izzie said, “I think we should start there.  Whatever happened to her, it could be related.  You’re sure she didn’t say anything?  Anything that could tell us why she was so scared?”

“No,” Caleb said, “She ran out of there before telling me anything.”

“Her mother had no idea what could have happened to her,” Izzie said, “She didn’t know if she had a boyfriend.  She didn’t know the names of her friends.  It was like she didn’t know her at all.”

“Someone had to,” he said, “We’ll figure it out.”

“We need to find out what happened to her and fast,” Izzie said, “We don’t know if she was targeted and this was a one time thing, or if the person responsible for her disappearance could be going after someone else.”

“What?” Caleb said, “You think we have a serial killer on our hands?”

“We don’t know she’s dead,” Izzie whispered, “And until we know the truth, no one is going to feel safe in this town.”

“Why are you whispering?” Caleb said.

“Because someone’s following us,” Izzie answered.

Writing Goal Updates

I haven’t gotten much writing done so far, but the week’s not over yet.  I did some outlining and I started working on a new chapter, so I’m moving forward.  I’ve definitely been feeling more motivated to write over the last couple of days, so hopefully I can make some real progress this week.


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