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Wordbound Week 13

This week’s Wordbound prompt was:  A character opens someone else’s desk drawer. What do they find?

This is another part of the short story I’ve been writing this month.

An Excerpt

“This is definitely illegal,” Becca said as Vanessa picked the lock to Professor Atwater’s office.

Andy shushed her.

“It’s fine,” Vanessa said, “Besides for all we know, the professor’s in on it.”

“What if he isn’t?” Becca said.

Andy shushed her again.  Vanessa pushed the door open.  Andy and Vanessa walked inside.  Becca hesitated outside the office, but eventually followed them inside.  Right away she saw the box with the envelopes containing the next clue on top of his desk, but that’s not what Andy and Vanessa were looking at.  Andy was looking through a bookshelf and Vanessa was pulling open desk drawers.

“What are you doing?” Becca said.

“Snooping,” Andy answered.

“Are you seriously telling me you’ve never been curious about what professor’s keep hidden in their offices?” Vanessa asked.

“Yes,” Becca said, “But that doesn’t mean you should be doing that.”

“If we weren’t snooping,” Vanessa said, “Then we wouldn’t know that Professor Atwater has a half eaten blueberry pie in his second desk drawer.”

“Really?” Andy said, hurrying over to take a look.

“Can we please just get the envelope and get out of here?” Becca said.

“Can we take the pie with us?” Andy said, “It looks delicious.”

Writing Goal Updates

This wasn’t a good writing week again, but I think next week will be.  I have some ideas that I’m really excited about for projects I’ve already started and for things I want to start after them.  I’m hoping these ideas will get me writing more again.


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