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Wordbound Week 8

I was planning on finishing this later, but there’s a storm coming and I want to get it done in case we lose power.  This week’s Wordbound prompt was: A character realizes something as they look up at the night sky.

An Excerpt

Mia slowly opened the door and peeked inside.  She could see Will fast asleep on the bed.  This was it.  She had to make her choice.  In a moment of panic, she turned and ran outside, the knife still clutched in her hand.  She crashed into the railing, bracing herself and taking a deep breath.  As she stared up at the stars sparkling above the water she realized that she couldn’t do this.  She couldn’t kill him.  He’d done nothing wrong.  Yes, it would get her everything she’d wanted for so long, but this wasn’t the way to do it.  There had to be something else she could do.

Writing Goal Updates

This was a good writing week.  I’ve been mostly working on my superhero story, since it’s been the easiest to focus on, although I did take a little break to work on the short story I started last week.

I set a goal for myself of writing 500 words a day and I met it.  I was going to set it higher, but I thought I should start with something that would definitely be manageable.  I usually ended up writing more than the 500 w0rds, since most of the time it’s just getting started that’s my problem.  Once I start writing a bit, it’s easier to keep going and write more, but I’ve been so distracted lately that it’s been difficult just starting to write something.  It’s much easier when I have a concrete number that I have to reach, like during NaNoWriMo. I think I’m going to stick with the goal of 500 words a day in general, but set it higher for days when I don’t have much going on and have more time to write.  I wrote over 5000 words this week, which is probably more than I’ve written in the last few weeks combined. Hopefully I’ll be able to reach the same goal this week.



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