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Wordbound Week 6

This week’s Wordbound prompt was: Something gets broken beyond repair.  This is from the superhero story I’ve been working on.

An Excerpt

Daisy woke up in an unfamiliar place the next morning, wrapped in a warm blanket.  She blinked sleepily and saw the woman who had come to her rescue.  She sat up slowly.

“How are you feeling?” Adeline asked.

Daisy didn’t answer.

Adeline walked over and sat down next to Daisy, a cup in her hands.

“Tea?” Adeline offered. Daisy took the cup and took a quick sip.

“We can fix this,” Adeline said.

“Can you bring him back?” Daisy asked.

“No,” Adeline said, “I’m sorry.”

“Then you can’t fix it,” Daisy said, “Owen’s gone and I…I’m so tired.”

“I’m sorry,” Adeline said, “I wish I could have gotten there sooner.  I can’t bring him back.  But we can make sure the people that did this don’t get away with it.”

Writing Goal Updates

It definitely was a bit of a struggle writing again this week, but I did finish this chapter from my superhero story that I’ve been trying to write for a couple weeks now.  This project is definitely helping me stay motivated.  I felt like I had to write something for this prompt and to make this post, and now that I’ve gotten started with this chapter, I feel more motivated to get back into working on this story.

I think I’m going to start setting daily word count goals to really keep myself motivated and working.  I thought just having a general goal of writing a couple chapters a week would work, but I’m definitely having a problem hitting that goal.  I think breaking it down even more and having an actual number to work toward might help, since it definitely helps during NaNoWriMo.  Hopefully this week, I’ll get a lot more writing done than I have been lately.


2 thoughts on “Wordbound Week 6

  1. Nice. I was working on this prompt the other day and then I got halfway through and realized nothing was really broken. I’m technically done now but I still don’t feel like anything’s that broken 😅 Might have to revise it a little.

    But this is a cool excerpt. Doesn’t tell too much but I already feel invested in the characters. Plus, since you mentioned it was a superhero story, I’m curious to know who exactly is the superhero. Is Daisy and these were the events leading up to her becoming one? Or is Owen secretly not dead and he becomes the hero. Curious!

    Breaking it up into daily words counts will definitely help a lot. I really need to start doing that too >_<


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