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Wordbound Week 5

Wordbound Prompt: What is something you’re embarrassed to admit you’ve written?

I’m sure there are some embarrassing things I’ve written that I’ve completely forgotten about, but here are the first two stories that came to mind:

I once wrote some fan fiction for the show CSI:NY.  For no apparent reason, one of the main characters carried around (and talked to) a puppet who was his best friend.  To be clear, I’m not embarrassed about writing fan fiction.  I’ve read some that are absolutely amazing and I’m thinking about trying it again.  I’m just embarrassed about the puppet. Fortunately, this story no longer exists.

I tried to write an epic space adventure story.  I had a lot of ideas and it started off well, but once my characters left Earth, everything went horribly wrong.  For some reason, instead of writing the thing I had set out to write, I just started picking random things and basing planets around them and the characters would fly around visiting those planets.  There was a planet called Rainbow where everything was really colorful.  There was a planet called Fluffy where everything was fluffy.  There was a planet called Cheese where literally everything was made of cheese.  There were little monsters made of cheese.  At one point I just spent an entire paragraph listing types of cheese.  It made absolutely no sense and nothing actually happened.

The only part I’m not embarrassed by is the planet called Cats where there were just cats everywhere because I would actually like to live there.  I stand by the original idea for this story and maybe I’ll go back to it one day, but this was a disaster.

Looking back through my old writing has definitely made me feel better about what I’m writing now.  It needs a lot of work and editing, but it’s not nearly as embarrassing as some things I’ve written before.  And there aren’t any puppets.

Writing Goal Updates

This was a bad writing week, but I did a lot of reading, so that’s something.


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